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Abstracts regarding the following Themes and sub-topics are invited:

  • i.                    Forensic Medicine and Pathology  (Legal and Ethical Aspects)
  1. Ethical aspects and guidelines for forensic medicine and pathology
  2. Sexual assault and child abuse assessments 
  3. Scientific validity of forensic examinations and its legal implications
  4.  Forensic medicine and human rights – Torture, rights for refuge
  5. Forensic medicine and the media
  6. Using Forensic expertise in weapon production
  7. Forensic Medicine and Crimes against humanity
  8. Forensic Nursing
  • ii.                   Mental Health, Law and Ethics
  1. Rights of persons with Mental Disability
  2. Elder Law and Ethics
  3. Therapeatuic Jurisprudence and Congnitive/Emotional  impairments
  4. Nudges and encouragements for treatment – Ethical and Legal aspects
  5. Coercive measures in mental health related treatment
  6. Advanced directives in mental health settings
  7. Ethical and legal aspects of treatment of specific conditions such as anorexia and depression
  8. Ethics committees in Mental Health Settings
  • iii.                 Humanitarian Medicine, Law and Ethics
      1. Refugee care
      2. Prisoners and POW health
      3. Religion and humanitarian medicine
      4. Public health and humanitarian medicine

  • iv.                 Health Professions, Law and Ethics
  1. Nursing, Ethics and Law
  2. Physical therapy, Ethics and Law
  3. Social work , Ethics and Law
  4. Occupational Therapy, Ethics and Law
  5. Communication disorders, law and ethics

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