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Themes (draft):

1.      Health Law and Constitutional Rights, Legal Rights and Remedies, Human Rights, Health Policy, Law and Ethics

2.     Health Law and Evidence in Criminal Law, Civil Law, and Administrative Law Practice, Litigation, Forensic Medicine Advocacy and serving the Administration of Justice

3.      Health Law Innovation and International and Comparative Health Law Evidence Based Standards, and Regulation of the Health and the Health Professions

The theme is meant to stimulate ideas for submissions, however this should not discourage one from submitting an abstract that falls outside of these themes. 

ABSTRACT Submission is now open

Abstract Dates

1.      January 1, 2020 – Abstract Submission Site Opens - Deadline June 1, 2020

Abstract acceptance/rejection letters will be processed as a rolling notification.

2.      June 15, 2020 – Program Finalized

3.        July 19, 2020 - Summaries and Manuscripts Due

26th World Congress on Medical Law (WAML)

Toronto, Canada

We encourage you to join the leading experts in medical law, legal medicine and bioethics by submitting your abstract in English online at (LINK TBA)

NOTE:  The Presenting (First) Author should be the primary contact.

Presentation options will be 10 - 15 minute oral presentations and posters.


Young Scientist Awards (Under 35 inclusive) will recognize outstanding papers and posters. To be considered you must submit an abstract, apply for competition, register for the meeting and submit a 3 page summary to

Young Scientist Award will recognize 1 outstanding platform and 1 outstanding poster.  Awardee will receive:

1) Certificate

2) One year WAML Membership

3) Complimentary registration for one of the next two

Davies Award - Award will be a 2 year competition with presentations in Tokyo and Toronto.  Award to be given in Toronto.  Papers will be based on merit and presenters must be present in Tokyo and Toronto.

With this award we honor the lifelong contributions of Professor Davies to the field of Medicine and Public Health, and hope to encourage and promote scientific contributions that will be a precedence for further medical advancements. 


1st place - 1500 USD

2nd place - 1000 USD

3rd place - 750 USD 

The authors of the winning papers will afterwards be encouraged to send their full paper for consideration in the International Journal of Medicine and Law.

In order to be considered for the Davies Award you must do the following:

1. Submit your abstract to the 25th World Congress on Medical Law and Ethics.

2. Complete participants registration for the World Congress including payment of participation fee.

3. Must submit a 3 pages summary (academic references included) of your proposed paper to the email

4. Must submit a full manuscript to

The WAML website will be populated as specific information becomes available (Program, CME, registration, etc.)  


The poster-board surface area is 3'8" wide and 5'6" high. Prepare a 6" high headline strip that runs the full width of the poster. Include the title, authors, and affiliations on the strip in letters not less than 1" high. Posters should be readable by viewers three feet away. Use large print and shade or color block letters when possible.   A minimum font size of 28 point and a maximum of 600 words are recommended. The message should be clear and understandable without oral explanation. Remember to leave space on the board for colleagues to leave notes and include an email address for viewers to contact you later.   Thumbtacks will also be provided on site.

A well-designed POSTER should:  (1) Facilitate discussion between the presenter and the viewers; (2) Contain an abstract and succinct introductory material; (3) Clearly and simply state methods, major results and conclusions; (4) Use simple graphs and tables and large clear illustrations; (5) Have a font large enough to be read from a distance of several feet; (6) Be augmented by “handout” materials if necessary, and; (7) Not be crowded with too much information.

Posters must be attended by the Presenting Author during the Author-self assigned time period of one hour. The time period sheet which is prepared by the Congress must be put up on the bottom of the poster.

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