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Following the 50th golden anniversary meeting of the World Association on Medical Law in Baku, Azerbaijan two governors of the WAML, Professor Thierry Vansweevelt (Belgium) and Professor Nicola Glover-Thomas (United Kingdom), suggested a WAML-book series on medical law. This idea was warmly received by the Executive committee- Ken Berger, Vugar Mammadov, Oren Asman, and Thomas Noguchi. The book series Global Perspectives on Medical Law will be published by the prestigious Edward Elgar Publishing house.


     Professor Thierry Vansweevelt                                                       Professor Nicola Glover-Thomas 

The first book concentrates on the fundamental issue of informed consent - Informed Consent and Health: A Global Analysis. It contains chapters from countries all over the world giving a much-needed global insight into how individual autonomy and consent is understood and articulated. The book concludes with a comparative analysis.

This first WAML-book will be published in early summer 2020 with a formal book launch at the WAML-conference in Toronto in August 2020. As program chair of the conference, Ken Berger will celebrate this book launch and devote a session to this wonderful and universal topic of informed consent.

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