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WAML Invitation to Submit Abstracts to the 2023 World Congress for Medical Law (WCML) Deadline: April 12, 2023

All participants at the 2023 World Congress for Medical Law (WCML) are invited to submit abstracts.  Complete abstracts must be submitted online no later than April 12, 2023.  Faxed, emailed or mailed abstracts are not acceptable.  All accepted abstracts will be published in the 27th World Congress for Medical Law Meeting Program and Medicine and Law Journal.  


1. Protection of Patients’ Rights - Challenges and Responsibilities of the State and Civil Society 

  • The legal and ethical limits of scientific developments and progress in medicine.
  • Technological developments and patient data protection. The right to privacy versus public interest.
  • The role of Civil Society in raising awareness and disseminating information to promote patient rights.
  • Fostering more effective resolutions for disputes between patients and healthcare institutions.
     Contemporary issues pertaining to healthcare service provider liability.

2.  Transformations in Healthcare Systems as an Inevitable Process in Achieving Excellence

  • International organisations and new initiatives to adjust national healthcare systems in the face of global challenges. The role of healthcare policies in fighting the global challenges – pandemic, climate crisis.
  • Fostering sustainability in healthcare systems.
  • Redesigning the legal frameworks of national healthcare systems following the latest
     achievements of biomedical science and fighting social and economic inequalities.

3.  New Challenges for International Cooperation in the Field of Legal Medicine (Forensic Medicine)

  • International cooperation in mitigating natural and man-made disasters.
  • New challenges for legal medicine in combating terrorism, organised crime, war crimes.
  • Technological and scientific research innovations in legal medicine

The Program Chair will organize related topics into sessions of similar content.


  1. Panel Presentations: 
  2. Forum Discussion:
  3. Interest Group Initiative Meeting:
  4. Poster Presentation


  1. Product or service advertisements are not appropriate for presentation.  WAML reserves the right to exclude abstracts that promote commercial interests inappropriately or are viewed as unethical in content.
  2. Complete abstracts must be submitted online no later than April 12, 2023.  No changes can be made to abstract content or authors after the submission deadline.
  3. Once an abstract is accepted, additional authors cannot be added.
  4. The Presenting (First) Author should be the primary contact and is required to register and attend the WAML Congress and present the paper or poster at the assigned time on the assigned day.  If the Presenting Author is unable to attend the WAML Congress to present the paper or poster, every effort should be made to arrange for one of the other authors to present.  Denise McNally ( must be notified of any change in presenters.
  5. Notification of acceptance or rejection and all future correspondence will be emailed to the Presenting (First) Author from the WAML office by May 5, 2023.
  6. Accepted abstracts will be available online
  7. If the author is submitting an abstract for consideration in an award category, they must ensure they meet the appropriate criteria for the award.


Abstracts should be drafted to be presented in the form of Panel Presentations, Forum Discussions, Interest Group Initiative Meeting or Poster Presentation

Abstracts that are not submitted properly will receive an administrative rejection and will not be reviewed.

  1. Language: The abstract must be written in English.
  2. Presentation Format: Your paper may be presented orally or as a poster. You must indicate your preference. Space for oral presentations is limited and therefore the Program Chair and Committee may need to override your preference.
  3. Title: Title must be initial caps throughout. Example: Lipoid Pneumonia in the Paralytic Patient after Brain Injury
  4. Abstract: Abstracts must be 400 words or less.
  5. Do not include references with citations in abstracts.
  6. You may include Greek letters and special symbols, e.g. ° (degree sign), ® (registered trademark), etc. However, the system will not preserve tables. Tables may be included in your poster or presentation, but data must be reported in narrative format in the abstract submission.
  7. Confirmation: When you finish submitting your abstract, you will receive a confirmation screen verifying your submission and assigning a tracking number to your abstract. SAVE YOUR TRACKING NUMBER! It will serve as your identification number for corrections, scheduling, and notification.

Corrections: If you must change your abstract, log in as a returning user with your email address and password. You will be able to edit your submitted abstracts (until April 12, 2023) by clicking on the ID number of the abstract you wish to edit. DO NOT CREATE A NEW SUBMISSION.

NOTE: You can edit your completed abstract an unlimited number of times until the deadline, for example, to add an author or correct spelling, etc. However, after the deadline, no changes of any kind can be made.


  1. Poster Size Requirement: All posters will be placed on the white Octanorm panel boards:  Portrait orientation, 100 cm (width) x 250 cm (height).  Available poster area:  95 cm (width) x 235 cm (height).  WAML reserves the right to remove posters that exceed the size requirement.

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