World Association for Medical Law

29th World Congress for Medical Law

Istanbul, Turkey

Hilton Bosphorus

August 6 - 8, 2025


Prof. Berna ARDA (Ankara University, TURKEY)

Main Topics

1- Vulnerability: respect and protection

Defining vulnerability

Refugees, asylum seekers, migrants

Affirmative policies for vulnerable

Prioritizing among vulnerable groups

Informed consent process in vulnerable

Research in vulnerable groups

Social policies

Health law and vulnerable groups

Social justice and vulnerability

2-Gender issues


Health disparities

Affirmative policies in health

Elderly women and social inequalities

Research in pregnant women

Teenage pregnancy

Cultural and religious barriers for women’s’ health

LGBTQ barriers to health/ inequalities in health


Communicable diseases& STDs

Psychological disorders

Social exclusion

Social determinants of health

Health law

Refugees and LGBTQ

Health inequalities

Barriers to health services

Discrimination in health institutions

Anti discriminatory policies

3- Patient safety

Patient safety in NICU / long term care facilities for elderly/ Intensive care units

Accreditation of health institutions

Economic and legal implications

Health law on patient safety

Effect of communication barriers to patient safety

Health policies and patient safety

Patient safety in primary health care

Health technology and patient safety

Gene therapy/ genetic research and patient safety

EWRS (early warning and response systems) and patient safety

New emerging pandemics and patient safety

4- Human rights in medicine and law

Defining human right violations in medical services

Public health and human rights

Anti discrimination and health law

Anti stigmatization and health law

Human rights in mental illness

How to uncover human rights violations in health institutions

Genetic screening and human rights

Health insurance and human rights

Data protection /data confidentiality and human rights

Heath data as a risk for discrimination

5- Varia

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