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A series of programs produced by the World Association for Medical Law, containing interviews with prominent experts from around the world, aiming to promote education and deliberation in matters pertaining to medical law, legal medicine and bioethics. 
Editing and broadcasting: DOren Asman.
Scientific advisor: Prof. Thomas Noguchi.
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Legal medicine and Medical Ethics

An interview with Prof. Sandy Sanbar, Chairman of the American Board 

of LegalMedicine,  about  The field  of legal medicine and its correlation with medical ethics, training of Medical students in the  USA  in the fields  of Health law, legal medicine and medicl ethics.

Health systems and reform  
An interview with Prof. John Conomy, MD (Neurologist), JD about health care systems worldwide and the ongoing debate in the 
USA about the proposed health care reform. The Interview was conducted in  Orlando Florida , March 6th  2010. a few weeks later the health care reform bill was passed in the  USA .

Patients' rights and health law from a doctor's perspective
 Dr. Monique A. Anawis, MD (ophthalmologist), JD talks about her work as a a consultant in Malpractice cases and the work of the the health care council at the Illinois State Bar Association which she is a member of.


Legal Medicine and the Expert witness
Adv. Oren Asman speak with Prof. Cyril wecht, former president of the American College for Legal Medicine and past president of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, about Legal Medicine and Health Law, ethical issues concerning expert witnesses, medical malpractice cases and other issues

Mental Disability Law
Prof.  Michael Perlin,   Director of the Mental Disability Law program at the  New York  Law  School, and former public defender in  Trenton NJ . speaks about the field of Mental Disability Law and issues that relate to stigma, mental health courts and mental health tribunals in the Pacific. 

Medical Ethics and Malpractice
Alan Hoffman, JD speaks about ethical obligations of doctors and their relevance to medical negligence cases. Different malpractice cases and scenarios are discussed including the work of the lawyers in such cases and the interaction with medical experts.. 

Medical Law and Ethics from an Islamic Perspective
Prof. Abul Fadl Mohsin Ebrahim, A prominent expert and prolific writer on Islamic Medical Ethics, speaks about various contemporary health related issues from an Islamic perspective

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