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    • 25 Mar 2023
    • (AEDT)
    • 26 Mar 2023
    • (AEDT)
    • Tasmania, Australia

    The Australasian College of Legal Medicine is pleased to announce the 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting & Awards Dinner:

    "Law and Regulation of Healthcare"

    25 & 26 March 2023 - Hobart, Australia & Online
    (Hybrid Event - Live-streamed & Recorded)

    Proudly delivered in association with the
    American College of Legal Medicine

    >> View the Program (HERE)

    >> Click here to register to attend


    • Walter Sofronoff KCKings Counsel, Commissioner of Inquiry into Forensic DNA Testing in Queensland
      Traps in Governance of Specialist Institutions
    • Dr Eli Avila - President-Elect, American College of Legal Medicine; Chief Federal Medical Officer, U.S. Department of Defense, Watervliet Arsenal
      Creep of Scope Dilemma
    • Joe Piorkowski Defense Attorney, The Piorkowski Law Firm, PC; Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Centre
      The Role of Health Care Providers in the Opioid Crisis: Striking the Right Balance Between Avoiding Excessive Prescriptions and Meeting the Legitimate Medical Needs of Patients
    • Dr Monique Anawis Ophthalmology Specialist, MD, JD

    Private Equity Acquisitions and Potential Impacts on Healthcare Delivery

    • Dr Liz Valencia - Enterprise Associate Dean DEI, Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine 
      Pandemic-related Situational and Vicarious Trauma in Medical and Legal Education
    • Dr David Cocker - Solicitor, Blumers
      Managing Vicarious Trauma is a Collective Activity
    • Rey Gonzalez Attorney at the Law Office of Rey Gonzalez, Jr., MD, JD 
      Awards Dinner Guest Speaker
    • Plus many more College & Open speakers!


    The conference program will be both live-streamed and recorded for later viewing to cater for different time zones. Access to the recording will be given to live and virtual attendees. T&C's will apply.

    Attend LIVE in Hobart to enjoy full conference benefits including catering, networking opportunities and the Awards Dinner included. You can switch to virtual attendance instantly if you are sick or unable to travel.

    Attend VIRTUALLY to watch the entire program live streamed and participate in Q&A via messaging. You can switch to live attendance up until 14 days prior to the event.


    Live Attendees:

    • $750 non members
    • $550 ACLM members (Australasian & American Colleges)

    Virtual Attendees:

    • $700 non members
    • $500 ACLM members (Australasian & American Colleges)

    • 12 May 2023
    • (BST)
    • 13 May 2023
    • (BST)
    • York, UK

    FFLM 16th Annual Conference 2023

    Our 16th Annual Conference will be taking place on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 May 2023 at the Principal Hotel in York.

    The theme for our conference will be “The 3 Rs – Risk, Regulation and Research in Forensic and Legal Medicine”. Confirmed topics include Domestic Abuse, Adult Safeguarding, Mental Health Inquests, the introduction of the Forensic Science Regulator Code and Expert Evidence. You can take a look at the full programme below.

    Early-bird tickets are now available! You can attend either in person or virtually.

    Early bird fees will be available until midnight on Friday 10 March 2023.

    If you have any questions, please contact

    • 02 Aug 2023
    • (UTC+03:00)
    • 04 Aug 2023
    • (UTC+03:00)
    • Vilnius, Lithuania


    Welcome to the WAML Congress in Vilnius

    This year, the WAML Annual Congress will take place on August 2–4 in Vilnius, Lithuania. This is already the 27th WAML World Congress. The World Association for Medical Law (WAML), founded in 1967, brings together lawyers, scientists, attorneys, and medical practitioners from all over the world, in both academic and practical fields. The WAML World Congress is a prestigious event with a long tradition, held each year in a different country around the world.

    The Vilnius Congress will discuss a wide range of issues in legal medicine, such as the challenges and successes of ongoing health system reforms to ensure access to quality health care; the role and responsibility of civil society in the health sector; new challenges to health systems in the post-pandemic period; the protection of patients’ rights; and the role of forensic medical experts in the investigation of war crimes.

    The Congress will not only become a great opportunity to get to know Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania, celebrating its 700th birthday this year, with its rich historical traditions and the designation of its historic center as a UNESCO World Heritage site, but it will also provide an excellent platform for new partnerships in the academic field and closer cooperation of representatives from medical and legal professions. We hope that the Vilnius Congress will create ample opportunity for young scientists to meet like-minded fellows to work on future projects.

    Program Chair
    Prof. Dr. Toma Birmontienė


    1. Protection of Patients’ Rights - Challenges and Responsibilities of the State and Civil Society

    • The legal and ethical limits of scientific developments and progress in medicine.

    • Technological developments and patient data protection. The right to privacy versus public
    • The role of Civil Society in raising awareness and disseminating information to promote patient rights.
    • Fostering more effective resolutions for disputes between patients and healthcare institutions.
    Contemporary issues pertaining to healthcare service provider liability.

    2.  Transformations in Healthcare Systems as an Inevitable Process in Achieving Excellence

    • International organisations and new initiatives to adjust national healthcare systems in the face of global challenges. The role of healthcare policies in fighting the global challenges – pandemic, climate crisis.
    • Fostering sustainability in healthcare systems.
    • Redesigning the legal frameworks of national healthcare systems following the latest
    achievements of biomedical science and fighting social and economic inequalities.

    3.  New Challenges for International Cooperation in the Field of Legal Medicine (Forensic Medicine)DICINE)

    • International cooperation in mitigating natural and man-made disasters.
    • New challenges for legal medicine in combating terrorism, organised crime, war crimes.
    • Technological and scientific research innovations in legal medicine


    Radisson Blu (Buffet Breakfast Included) RESERVE YOUR ROOM:

    Promotion code: WAML23

    • 08 Aug 2024
    • 11 Aug 2024
    • Toronto, Canada

    • 06 Aug 2025
    • (UTC+03:00)
    • 08 Aug 2025
    • (UTC+03:00)
    • Istanbul, Turkey

    29th World Congress on Medical Law

    Istanbul - TURKEY

    6 - 8 August 2025


     Prof. Berna ARDA (Ankara University, TURKEY)

    Main Topics

    1- Vulnerability: respect and protection

    Defining vulnerability

    Refugees, asylum seekers, migrants

    Affirmative policies for vulnerable

    Prioritizing among vulnerable groups

    Informed consent process in vulnerable

    Research in vulnerable groups

    Social policies

    Health law and vulnerable groups

    Social justice and vulnerability

    2-Gender issues


    Health disparities

    Affirmative policies in health

    Elderly women and social inequalities

    Research in pregnant women

    Teenage pregnancy

    Cultural and religious barriers for women’s’ health

    LGBTQ barriers to health/ inequalities in health

    LGBTQ and

    Communicable diseases& STDs

    Psychological disorders

    Social exclusion

    Social determinants of health

    Health law

    Refugees and LGBTQ

    Health inequalities

    Barriers to health services

    Discrimination in health institutions

    Anti discriminatory policies

    3- Patient safety

    Patient safety in NICU / long term care facilities for elderly/ Intensive care units

    Accreditation of health institutions

    Economic and legal implications

    Health law on patient safety

    Effect of communication barriers to patient safety

    Health policies and patient safety

    Patient safety in primary health care

    Health technology and patient safety

    Gene therapy/ genetic research and patient safety

    EWRS (early warning and response systems) and patient safety

    New emerging pandemics and patient safety

    4- Human rights in medicine and law

    Defining human right violations in medical services

    Public health and human rights

    Anti discrimination and health law

    Anti stigmatization and health law

    Human rights in mental illness

    How to uncover human rights violations in health institutions

    Genetic screening and human rights

    Health insurance and human rights

    Data protection /data confidentiality and human rights

    Heath data as a risk for discrimination

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