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2nd International Conference on Ethics Education

  • 21 May 2014
  • (EEST)
  • 23 May 2014
  • (EEST)
  • Ankara, Turkey
Dear my colleagues

On behalf of the International Association for Education in Ethics (IAEE), it is my great honour to invite you for to the 2nd International Conference on Ethics Education to be held in Turkey during the third week of May, 2014, in Ankara, the capital and very well developed city at the heart of Turkey.

My country attributes great importance to this unique and rapidly evolving academic disciplines of humanity, medicine and law intersect.

We have medical ethics and medical law courses in all medical schools, as an indispensable part of undergraduate medical education in Turkey. On one hand this fact has been based on the traditional approach in medical education since 19th century. On the other hand, this huge potential background has been offered us a great opportunity to study, explore and shape modern ethics curriculum in medicine. This dynamic nature necessitates in depth and through assessments of medical practice from an ethico-legal standing point.

I am convinced that it is of great importance for Turkey to host this prestigious and important numerous congresses, particularly with regard to a strong incentive for the development of a separate professional and scientific discipline of medical law / health law. I base my personal engagement, as a full professor in a very eminent medical school of Turkey, to realize universal ethical principles and values in medical curriculum and health legislation in my country. With that intention, I have worked actively in the IAEE as a founding member and chair of the Board, and therefore I believe that you will recognize not only my personal wishes about this conference, but also a broader impact of your participation for my fellow countrymen and for the development of ethics education in all over the world in which Turkey takes place in a geostrategic central position.

In the past, Turkey has distinguished itself for hosting so many such activities on a great variety of topics with outstanding success. We expect that the 2nd Congress of Ethics Education be held in co-operation with you in Turkey, after the first conference in Pittsburgh- USA in May 2012, would greatly contribute to the development of IAEE itself, as well as its greater breakthrough in Eastern Europe, Mediterranean and Middle East.

I am convinced that within the region in which Turkey has a prominent place and role in the academic, scientific and cultural sense, the IAEE can attract a large number of new members and collaborators from Academic World.

Hoping your participation to the Ankara Congress, May 21-23 2014, I want to say “Welcome to Ankara and Turkey” in advance.

Yours sincerely

Prof. Berna Arda (MD, Med Spec,PhD)
IAEE Chair of the Board, Ankara University Faculty of Medicine

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