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 WAML Educational Committee 

WAML aims to continuously provide information, discussions, educational activities and "food for thought"  for its members and other interested parties in matters pretaining to Medical Law, Health Law, Forensic Medicine and Bioethical related matters.

 The WAML Educational Committee was established in order to promote various educational activities, including interactive educational materials, local, regional and international meetings, courses, workshops and congresses, written publications and other kind of materials; development of curricula and/or shared international courses and curricula as part of an international collaboration with academic institutions and organizations.

 Some projects are already active. Others are being planned and built:

Communication projects

  1. facebook activities
  2. WAML Radio program
  3. The  WAML TV Channel

Publication projects

  1. WAML Newsletters :
  2. Future publications are being considered for 2013-2014.

Foreign Educational Materials

  1. WAML Newsletter has been translated to Spanish and Portuguese and will be available for participants of the 19th World Congress for Medical Law
  2. future translations for more languages are being considered

Centralized World Congress Management and planning

  1. Congress planning timelines and procedures has been planned and will be discussed during the 2012 Board of Governors meeting in Brazil
  2.  standing working group will work througout the year to advance the congress planning and organizing system.

International Collaboration

I. Educational activities were endorsed and planned together with various associations worldwide, including:  

  1. Workshop on Medical Law and Bioethics at the International Association of Forensic Sciences, Madeira, Portugal (September 2011)
  2. Endorsement for The International (Third All-Ukrainian) Congress on Medical and Pharmaceutical Law, Bioethics and Social Policy, Kiev, Ukraine (April, 2012)
  3. A Session of the World Psychiary Association Section on Psychiatry, Law and Ethics during the 19th WCML, Maceio, Brazil (August 2012)
  4. A Workshop held by the WAML Educational Committee on “The International Aspects of Teaching and Training in Health Law and Bioethics , during the 19th WCML, Maceio, Brazil (August 2012)
  5. Endorsement and active participation with the UNESCO Chair for Bioethics 8th International Conference on Bioethics Education: Contents, Methods, Trends, Tiberius, Israel (September, 2012)

II. Future educational collaborative projects of international magnitude are being discussed and planned for 2013-2014.

Structure of the Educational Committee*

  • Educational Committee Chair: Adv. Oren Asman.
  • CME courses and accreditation subcommittee chair: Dr. Richard Wilbur
  • Communication subcommittee chair: Dr. Radmila Hrevtsova.
  • Foreign Educational Materials subcommittee chair: Adv. Eduardo Dantas.
  • International Collaborations subcommittee chair: Adv. Andre Pereira
  • Publication subcommittee chair: Prof. Roy Beran.

* This initial structure is expected to evolve as more active members join the committee and its activities. Please contact us at:



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