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UN SDGs, AI, and the Future of Legal Professions: Fostering Equality and Access to Law

  • 26 Jun 2023
  • (CEST)
  • Geneva, Switzerland

"UN SDGs, AI, and the Future of Legal Professions: Fostering Equality and Access to Law," to be held on June 26, 2023, in the grand meeting room five of the the UN’s European headquarters – the Palace of Nations at the United Nations Office at Geneva. 

This groundbreaking gathering will culminate in the formulation of a landmark declaration that will shape the trajectory and future of the legal profession in relation to AI and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We invite you to take part in this remarkable journey that promises to raise a significant milestone in the annals of our legal profession’s history. Your contribution will help influence the path forward in a way that truly matters, to lawyers around the globe and to the whole world.

Our agenda, embracing the pertinent issues concerning AI, the UN SDGs, and the legal profession, needs your valuable input. We invite you to consider applying to be a speaker at this forum, enriching its discussions and lending your authoritative voice to its cause: worldwide access to justice in the age of AI.

In the spirit of community service and fostering open dialogue, the participation fees for this event have been waived. 

However, seating capacity remains strictly limited. To ensure access to this unique gathering and future events, we encourage you to join SCLA as a full member. In joining SCLA’s global community, you will become one of over 400 delegates from over 50 countries and regions to be represented in our network. SCLA has four regional offices globally to support members’ development and has influenced over 4,500 people from 139 countries and regions at its bespoke series of events on pressing issues for the legal profession. The combined turnover of an average SCLA member surpasses €1.5 million.

Our scope reaches far beyond the borders of China and Switzerland; SCLA’s community embraces lawyers from all countries of all backgrounds who engage passionately with the future of our profession on an international stage. Joining SCLA, in Geneva next month and for the future, expresses a compelling universal commitment to fostering an extensive global dialogue and action on the issues that matter to you. Our scope is not limited to China or Europe: we strive to expand the reach, influence, impact, and membership of our community on a global scale. To apply for your membership, please click here:

I invite you to register for the event at and apply to participate as a speaker. We eagerly anticipate your favourable response and contribution to this significant dialogue.

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