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Important Info to reach Batam from Singapore:

1. You may reach BATAM CENTER (Batam)  from two ports in Singapore, namely from Tanah Merah and Harbor Front.

2. The ferry ship schedule to Batam Center from both ports is 14 times a day, you may see the schedule as follows.

  • The schedule of Tanah Merah is 4 times a day, ferry departures are 08.15, 10.30, 15:15, and the last one is 18.00.
  • Schedule of Harbor Front 12 times with a schedule of 08.10, 09.50, 10.40, 11, 45.13.50, 14.40, 16.20, 17.50, 18.50, 19.20, 20.10, and finally 21, 20.
  • All in Singapore time,( notice Singapore time is 1 hour ahead of Batam time). The schedule above allows you to choose a trip to Batam, depending on the arrival time of your flight to Changi Airport

3. After leaving Changi Immigration, you may want to look for a money changer/currency exchange. Right next to the Money Changer, there is a room to exit outside - queue for a taxi. You can join the queue to take a taxi

4. Choose and talk to driver your destination is Tanah Merah or Harbor Front ferry terminal ( going to Batam Island with the BATAM CENTER)   .

  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, there are 2 ports on Batam Island, namely Batam Center and Sekupang, we recommend you choose Batam Center because it is closer, and pick – up service is available by the committee.

5. If you choose Tanah Merah port, the distance is around 12 - 20 minutes depending on travel time and the level of congestion on the road. The cost is around 17-20 $ Singapore currency. If you choose Harbour Front port, then you can inform the taxi driver and the distance is around 30 minutes further and costs 30-35 Sin$.

6. When you arrive at the seaport of your choice, immediately buy a ticket, for the destination BATAM CENTER for 43 $ Singapore currency.

7. To enter the ferry ship, you just have to follow the instructions and it is not difficult because it is normal procedures.

8. Best before you arrive in Batam, inform us by WhatsApp (+62 812-9007-0110) or email a day or two days  before arrival.

9. Upon arrival at Batam Center Harbor you need to REPORT your arrival to the special desk of the 28th WORLD CONGRESS for MEDICAL LAW

10. You will be escorted to the hotel where you are registered. All committee services are our dedication to science for the success of this Congress.

11. If you arrived in Batam by a plane from Jakarta or from another airport in Indonesia, please also let us know because there will also be the same pick-up at Batam International Airport.

12. All pick-up services start on the 18th and end on 21 July 2024. Those who will arrive on 22 July will still get pick-up service please inform us at +62 812-9007-0110 via WhatsApp.

13. If you craving Singaporean-style food, you will find  several restaurants around the taxi queue before exit)  where the food is quite interesting.

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